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Men's Health

According to The Mental Health Foundation the pressure of an increasingly demanding work culture in the UK is perhaps the biggest and most pressing challenge to mental health. The cumulative effect of increased work hours is having an important effect on the lifestyle of a huge number of people, which is likely to prove damaging to their mental wellbeing.

A recent survey showed when working long hours more than a quarter of employees feel depressed (27%), one third feel anxious (34%), and more than half feel irritable (58%).

In addition to the psychological response to stress, there are many physical responses. For example; digestive problems, high blood pressure and tension resulting in muscular and skeletal aches and pains. If untreated we can start to feel overwhelmed, exhausted and can become susceptible to illness.

Reflexology is a wonderful way to relax and alleviate everyday stress and tension and revitalise the body and mind.


60 MIN £35

75 MINS £45

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