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Hands Free Deep Tissue Massage

The gentle giant

NO HANDS is being called “The Gentle Giant” of Massage in that it is both immensely powerful and yet gentle at the same time. In this, it bridges the gap between Eastern and Western approaches to touch.

Hands Free massage, is a massage therapy that utilises the therapists’ forearms and elbows and the strength of their entire body to deliver a deep, powerful, relaxing massage.

The massage works by the soft inner part of the forearms which enables the therapist to spread the pressure over a much wider area than is possible with traditional massage techniques. Elbows can also be used which means that the massage works deeper without causing discomfort and muscle fibres can be worked smoothly and easily, thus helping to ease away any tension, adhesions and knots.

NO HANDS is unique in that the therapy not only looks after you but it looks after the therapist too. It achieves this because the whole weight of the therapist‘s body is used through the very soft surfaces of the forearm. This amount of depth is impossible with traditional massage techniques without damaging the therapist’s hands. With NO HANDS you know that no matter how deep or how powerful the Massage, your therapist remains in good health.

NO HANDS Massage takes the powerful and ancient therapy of Massage to a whole new level You really do need to experience it in order to understand it. Having a practitioner gently and expertly lean their whole weight on you through their forearms is a feeling that is almost impossible to describe, which is why I invite you to…

Take time out… and Just feel it.

Benefits of Hands Free:

* Nourishes deep to superficial tissues of the body by stimulating the circulatory systems

* Reduces muscular tension and eases away day-to-day stresses

* Promotes relaxation

* Stimulates healing

* Energising and invigorating

* Improves muscle tone

* Transforms well-being by replenishing the body, mind and spirit towards healing itself

* Connects with inner self

*Heightens mental alertness

​* ​Helps athletes prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts

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