Deeper Massage

For those of you who prefer their massage deeper then this page is for you. Designed to work on a deeper level rather than a superficial level in order to help relieve tight, tense, aching, and tired muscles.

Full Body Massage 90min £45 120min £55

With this massage you choose the area that you feel needs the deeper work. This will allow me to spend more time on your area of concern and less time on other areas that don,t need so much attention. 

Full Back Massage 60min £35

Full Back And Neck 120min £45

Upper Back & Neck 90min £35

A great massage to help relieve muscle tension and soreness in the upper back and neck. Ideal if you spend your day desk bound.

Legs 30min £20 60min £35

A deep massage to relieve stiff muscle, soreness, helps to remove lactic acid and toxins, helps with recovery. 

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