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Deeper Massage

For those of you who prefer their massage deeper then this page is for you. Designed to work on a deeper level rather than a superficial level in order to help relieve tight, tense, aching, and tired muscles.


Full Body Massage 90min £45  


This massage offers you a full body massage with a stress relieving back massage which works deeper than the traditional Swedish back massage. Great for getting rid of the stresses of the day. 


Full Body Massage £120min £55

With this body massage it offers a deep back, neck and shoulder treatment which is great if you spend most of your day sat at a desk stirring at a monitor screen,

back massage pic.jpg

Full Back Massage 60min £35

Full Back And Neck 120min £45

upper back pic.jpg

Upper Back & Neck 90min £35

A great massage to help relieve muscle tension and soreness in the upper back and neck. Ideal if you spend your day desk bound.

leg massage pics.jpg

Legs 30min £20 60min £35

A deep massage to relieve stiff muscle, soreness, helps to remove lactic acid and toxins, helps with recovery. 

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